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Question 1: The computer fail to order machine to work?


1.  Check the parameters setting of software is correct or not

2. Check the wire ground is ok or not, if there is static disturbance, there will be problem

3. Reinstalls software and  reset parameters

4. Check if there is virus in computer by anti-virus software

5. unplug USB port and reinstall it to see if USB  problem

6. The HV cable of laser power supply is broken

7. The serial port of motherboard is damaged and need to repair it


Question 2: Engrave randomly?


1. The initialization is not correct, has transmitted the data;

2. The operation sequence jolts;

3. The electrostatic disturbance (inspects grounding is ok or not);

4. Check the computer has the virus or not

5.The motherboard has problem

6.The artwork is beyond over limitation


Question 3: No laser beam come out at work?



1.Check the laser tube work normal or not, is there laser beam out from laser tube?

2、If beam exit of laser tube  has no beam come out, check if the water flow inside laser tube  is ok

3、If water flow inside laser tube is ok, check the laser power supply and fan for laser power supply ok or not

4、Check the wire of laser power supply is loose/damage or not


Question 4: The engraving depth is not the same or shallow than order in computer?


1. Check whether the focal distance is proper or not.

2. Check whether the water cooling system work proper or not.

3. Check whether the laser is exhausting.

4. Check whether the laser beam path is correct or not (recalibrate it ).

5. Check the lens is polluted or there is too much dust on it.

6. The lens is broken.

7. The laser tube head is polluted.


Question 5: Water temperature is too high in water circulation?


1.Check if the laser is working at high power status

2、Check if the cooling water exit is ok or not, water flowing is smooth or not, hose inside water cooler is twisted or not

3、Check hose input and hose output is dirty or not, water protection is blocked by dirt or not

4、Check water pressure is ok or not, water flow amount is small or not


Question 6: laser beam come out not continuously?


1、Check lens is broken or polluted or not,  the laser beam path is correct or not

2、Check the water circulation is flowing correct or not, if water circulation work not contiuously

3、If water flowing is ok, then it might be water protection problem