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Synrad Brand Metal Sealed Co2 RF Laser Tube V30

Synrad Brand Metal Sealed Co2 RF Laser Tube V30

CO2 SYNRAD FIRESTAR LASER Tube, Co2 Metal-Sealed Laser Tube, Synrad Co2 Metal Laser Tube

Synrad Laser Marking System

Synrad Firestar Laser, Model V30
Actual Tested Output: 30 watts

Unused Synrad Marking Head

T-Slot Height Adjustable Platform
Micrometer Platform for Fine Adjustment

Visible Diode Marker for Virtual / Pre-mark and Alignment Purposes

Visible Focus Height Line Laser for Instant Alignment of Material for Focusing Purposes

Computer with Software (Buyer has several options to choose from: WinMark, WaveRunner, ProLase, Etc.)
If Buyer Does Not Need Software We Will Adjust the Price Accordingly


This Is An Excellent Full Graphic System.

Perfect for Anodized Aluminum and Most Other Materials. Works Well With Coated Metals But Not Raw Metals