Co2 Laser Power Meter User Manual

Co2 Laser Power Meter User Manual Download Laser Power Meter User Manual_M-92C

Laser Power Meter using the amount of heat absorption measurement principle, thermal sensor measure the scope is very wide in spectral width and power, very high spatial uniformity, without spot size, spot location or spot uneven impact. Can measure continuous wave laser output power; pulse repetition rate can also measure the average laser output power.

Technical parameters

1. Name: Laser Power Meter

2. Model: M-92C

3. Range: 0-200W

4 .Display: LED display

5. Minimum Resolution: 0.1W

6. Photosensitive area: ∮ 28mm

7. Spectral range: 8-11um

8. Calibration Wavelength: 10.6um

9. Response time: ≤5S

10. Cooling: Water-cooled

11. Applications: CO2 laser

12. Nonlinearity: ±5%

13. Accept the surface response nonuniformity:±5%

14. Consumption Power:≤8W

15. Power Requirements: AC 220V ± 10%, 50Hz

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