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Co2 Laser Cutting Bed for Large Size Cutting

Co2 Laser Cutting Bed for Large Size Cutting

MT series Co2 Laser Cutting Bed fully employs its movement controlling capacity to improve the laser processing effect. The stability, precision, and rapidity of our product will conduct to be first class standard under any sound quality management system in any factory. The MT series Large Laser Cutting Machine has been the best carrier of laser processing in industrial are which keep improving, becoming a new method of industry field-best carrier for laser processing. In order to meet the demands of large-area cutting in garment field, MT series laser flatbed adopts the hardened stable machine tool made of reinforced material, linear guides, and accurate gear driving system is used to assure the stability and precision, open, natty and rolling workbench made of stainless steel and of high flatness is easy to operate and will never fray. The optional automatic feeding system in large laser cutter is added to save the time, raise the production and decrease the cost.


1. Specification:





Work Area (cm)

230 × 150

250 × 160

300 × 250

Laser Generator

Water cooled Co2 glass sealed laser tube/RF metal laser tube

Laser Power

30W - 150W (optional)

PC Interface

USB 2.0 Port, USB Disk

Cutting Speed


Resolution Ratio


Power Supply

AC110V/220V-240V ± 10%, 50/60HZ

Location Precision


Operating Temperature


Graphics Format supported



Water cooling unit, Air Pump, Exhaust Blower Unit


12 Months

Dimension (cm)




Weight (kg)





2. Feature:

Adopting the most advanced 32-bit high-speed DSP to build the controller, we have largely the proved the performance of such series. The S type speed control software helps to provide fast and consistent speed, assisting the auto attenuation compensation to work on the different part.

Laser cutting bed components use import gear, rack in a transmission system, it ensures high precision effect under high-speed movement. the machine tool-roll processing workbench is very steady and reliable, it works in automatic feeding system, it fits high strength, high precision, numbers and many times working demand.

The light is suited to speed automatically, so it can ensure the cutting in the corner. The function of continuous care cutting can make cutting speed reach to 24m/min, realize high cutting of accouterments, improve the productivity and compete of accouterments enterprise greatly.


3. Applicable Materials:

 Large Laser Cutting Machine can be used for almost all non-metal materials such as cloth, leather, wool, acrylic, acrylic, plastic sheet, wooden product, rubber, crystal, ceramic tile, jade.


4. Applicable Industry: 

This series Laser Cutting Bed is especially for cutting and engraving materials in large size, and suitable for cloth, leather, paper, wood, organic glass, plastics, compound material, etc.


5. Samples:

Fabric Laser Cutting

Wood Laser Cut 

Textile Laser Cutting 

Garment Laser Cutting