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Industrial Pneumatic Portable Metal Marking Machine MT-ST1

Industrial Pneumatic Portable Metal Marking Machine MT-ST1

Industrial Pneumatic Marking Machine is a kind of mechanical and electronic integration equipment for metal marking. Pneumatic Marking Machine incorporates computer technology, electronic technology, and precision technology. This Industrial Marking Machine is used to mark code, serial number, letter, or picture on various products. It is convenient for effective production management and quality tracking. The type Metal Marking Machine meets the standard of traceability of ISO9001. It is an efficient tool for brand popularization.


1. Specification:



Marking Area

150mm×100mm (Customized Range Available)

Rigidity of the Pinhead


Beating Frequency


Adjustable Scope


Marking Accuracy


Marking Speed

2-4 characters / second or 50mm / second

Marking Depth

0.01-2mm (According to the Rigidity of Material)

Air Supply

0.3-0.8Mpa (Industrial or Compressor Air Supply)

Pinhead Adjustment


Power Supply

AC220v±10%, 50 Hz±1%(Offering Voltage Converter)

Gross Power


Relative Humidity

<85% at 25℃



Inner Dimension (H*D)


Dimension (L*W*H)

Working System: 335 mm×800 mm×395mm

Controller: 405 mm×110 mm×310 mm

Gross Weight



2. Feature:

a)  Constant moment subdivision driver;

b)  Advanced rolling guide structure;

c)  High precision step engine;

d)  Windows interface;

e)  Special marking software

f)   In order under various working conditions;

g)  High precision high frequency valve; 


3. Applicable:

Pneumatic Portable Metal Marking Machine is suitable for marking code, name, logo, or picture on automotive body, frame, chassis, connecting rod, motor, and cylinder; on various mechanical parts, machine tool, hardware, metal pipe, gear, pump, valve, fastener; on various hard plastic products, etc. 


4. Samples: