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YAG Lamp Pump Laser Marking Machine MT-YAG50

YAG Lamp Pump Laser Marking Machine MT-YAG50

Lamp-Pump series YAG Laser Marking Machine employs the high-speed vibration-scope, Q switch and laser bar technologies introduced from America, which are capable of marking its performance fast and scan accurately, in addition to auto cooling water circulation system that is used for meeting the requirement of steady continuous services for long duration . Being capable of marking metals and some non-metal materials, YAG Laser Marking System is widely applied to electronic components, IC, watches, clocks, tools, auto parts, electronic apparatus, glasses, fittings, hardware, plastic, buttons, medical instruments and telecom product, etc.


1. Specification:



Work Area (cm)


Laser Power

50W (Optional)

Laser Pulse Frequency




Min Line Width


Min Character


Marking Speed

300character/min1mm character high 1mm

Marking Depth


Repeat Precision


Power Supply


Gross Power


Cooling Style

High precision constant temperature/closed loop water cooling)

Operating Temperature



12 Months

Dimension (cm)


Weight (kg)



2. Feature:

1. Windows2000/winxp operating system supported, Chinese interface, user-friendly design, multiple languages supported.
2. Supporting maximum 256 layers of color separation in graphics.
3. Self-designed patterns to be processed, powerful node editing, vector graph creating, curves changed directly in the course of creation.
4. Characters directly input in the software, supporting Trope, JSF and DMP; supporting self-created character data base and curve arrangement order.
5. Supporting barcode font (see 1D and Datamatrix,PDF417 2D barcodes)
6. Supporting linear filling and loop filling.
7. Supporting changeable texts. Contents of changeable texts can be determined by multiple forms: input via keypad and serial number.
8. Compatible with common graphic formats (bmp,jpf,gif,tga,png,tif,etc.)and vector graphs(dxf,dst,plt,etc.)
9. Powerful image processing function (grayscale converting, while and black image converting, slope carving pretreatment, node processing etc.)
10. Battery marking Battery product industry
11. Cock marking Cleaners and polishes industry
12. Machine components marking Machine building and auto fittings industry
13. Zipper head marking Ornament and life tool industry
14. Clock components marking Clock industry
15. Crystal vibrating device marking Electronic industry.
16. Operation apparatus Medical equipment industry
17. Spectacle frame Glasses industry
18. Cutter marking Hardware tool industry


3. Applicable Materials:

YAG Laser Marking System is suitable for all kinds of metal materials (including rare metal), electroplating materials, coating materials, spraying materials, plastics, rubber, resin, ceramic and so on.


4. Applicable Industry:

This series Laser Marking On Metal widely used in such industries as electronics, instrument, communication apparatus, package ,beverage, battery, sanitary ware, machinery manufacturing, automobile part, jewelry, watch and clock ,medical apparatus, eye glasses and metalwork. This product can be integrated into the user’s production line to realize online marking.


5. Samples:

 Metal Laser Marking

Cell Phone Keyboard Laser Marking

Battary Cover Laser Marking

Stailness Wheel Laser Marking